Monday, July 14, 2008

RPG Maker VX (Features)

With RPG Maker VX you can create games with a resolution of 544x416, 32bit colours with a smooth, steady framerate of 60 fps. The ability to have characters run is now includes as a standard function and the in-game default font has been changed from previous versions for easier reading.

Map Editor
The map editor helps you create the set where your story will unfold. A large tile palette is included with the editor, making the creation of a new map as easy as drawing.

Improved auto-tile function makes map creation even easier
In RPG Maker VX the versatility of the autotile function has been greatly increased. While in previous versions the autotile function could only be used to map out coast lines, this function can now be used when placing walls, roofs, and other objects. Shadows are automatically included in textured and detailed tiles, giving your maps additional depth without any extra work.

Map creation is easier and faster
Tilesets are divided into five categories. A sets form the base layer of the map with the remaining sets being placed upon this base. Users can now place tiles without having to worry about layering issues. (Passing setups can be created upon the tile palette, so you don't need to open the database each time. This means you can change your setups right away.)

Create characters, skills, magic, monsters, and more with the database. If you don't want to make your game from scratch, general contents are already prepared in the database. You create a game of your own easily just by setting up the basics yourself.

Characters, Portrait graphics are now available. You can add unique attributes to PCs, such as dual-wielding or auto-battle.
Classes, Edit command name for skills in battles
Items, Choose your own Icons for equipment and skills

Event editor
Events occur in-game and can be almost anything. Character dialogue, boss battles, or even simply opening a chest are all considered events. In RPG Maker you use all of these events and more to propel characters through the story. Events can occur both in and out of battle.

Quick Event Creation - Creating events is now even easier
Frequently used events such as transfer, door, treasure chest, and Inn can be made with a simple right click of the mouse. While you had to use scripts to make portrait graphics in the previous RPG Maker, in VX you can access them through the event commands.

Other Functions
In the new version, script editors are fully equipped, succeeded by the previous "RPG MAKER XP". Detailed using parts are improved, and became more users friendly. Functions are also fully equipped, by adding "Automatic Dungeon Generator" which will automatically make maze maps. The new version can be called as a compile version of the RPG.

H3 Make your RPG with simple operation!
"RPG MAKER VX" is a software that enables you to create your original role playing game without any special knowledge. The process is very simple. First, create a map which becomes the stage of your adventure. Secondly, setup the hero, monsters, items, magic, etc,all the things you need to play the RPG. Finally you can complete your very own RPG by creating the events and placing them around the map.