Friday, July 11, 2008

RPG Maker VX (Overview)

With RPG Maker VX you can create games with a resolution of 544x416, 32bit colours with a smooth, steady framerate of 60 fps. The ability to have characters run is now includes as a standard function and the in-game default font has been changed from previous versions for easier reading.

RPG Maker VX is software that helps you create you own unique RPG without any programming experience necessary. Making your own RPG is as easy as 1, 2, 3...
1. Create a world, this will be the stage where your adventure unfolds.
2. Populate that world with heroes, villains, monsters as well as powerful items and magic!
3. Create scripted events and place them in the map.

RPG Maker VX is easy to use!
In RPG Maker XP users had to use the RGSS script to make their games. But now you can make great games without any coding knowledge. Save time by making frequently occurring events (like chests, doors, etc.) with a single command. Create beautiful maps quickly and easily with our new software.

Use a huge catalogue of pre-rendered graphics and sounds!
For users who don't want to spend time creating their own graphics or sounds, RPG Maker VX comes with a wide array of both. Now you can get started on that brilliant storyline right away without having to agonize over making your own great looking graphics.

Share your games online!
Like its predecessors, RPG Maker VX allows you to save your completed game and share it with others. Now you can burn your game onto a disc or upload it online and share it with everyone.